The cover art for WHOKILLEDEXIX's single "LUCK1".


One of the duos that I can never pass up new music from is WHOKILLEDXIX. The Connecticut natives took the scene by storm and never looked back to observe the beautiful chaos they created. If you hated on them early on, that’s ok in my eyes, because they don’t dwell on their opposers. They feed off the positive energy they get from their fans, so they’re doing just fine without these naysayers.

Thankfully, the tag team is back with their single “LUCK1”, a frenzied, high-octane track that’s sure to get fans moving. The instrumental features glitchy, distorted, and insistent drums, guitars, and vocals the two musicians produced and wrote themselves. This ever-evolving hit wreaks of punk-inspired chaos, insane deliveries, and almost forces you to want to move. In the press release, Skayda and Karm shared that they always envision how their songs will unfold at live shows. Unsurprisingly, “LUCK1” will make fans go nuts, and they’re eager to get wild while performing it to a crowd.

Following last year’s debut album, PULLBACK, WHOKILLEDXIX has proven to be a shamelessly innovative force in music. Their high-energy collection of hits shows their daring creativity that connects with listeners in this undeniably organic manner. “LUCK1” follows the duo’s equally vibrant banger “H4LO”, which hopefully means we’re in store for more in the near future. After eclipsing over 250 million combined streams, it’s safe to say that WHOKILLEDXIX’s inimitable sound is resonating with fans.

“LUCK1” will surely be a standout at future shows, and I’m just hoping that I can see them live ASAP. It’s simply a distorted, outspoken, and blurry triumph that’ll surely send supporters into a spiral with its infinite liveliness. With an abundance of obscure glitches and in-your-face highlights, it’s surely made for fans of loud, experimental, and daring music.