“Luck” – [FlyBoi Rell] x [Woodah Three Times]

I’m not sure what aspect of this track caught my attention first; the unique brass-heavy instrumental, the opening bar, or the fantastic ad-libs. What I do know, is that New York’s FlyBoi Rell and Woodah Three Times have a heater on their hands with their track “Luck,” off Rell’s album titled Okami.

“They outta luck, we leveled up.”

The song has a different feel than a lot of ones I see in my inbox. It doesn’t feel “overcooked” with sound editing or post-production and still has a fresh delivery, showing that Rell is a massively talented emcee without the modern alteration of sound. I found myself bouncing throughout, specifically as I heard each variation of fire ad-libs, a trait that seems to show up in a lot of the tracks I love.

Both Rell and Woodah killed this joint, both putting their own twist on their deliveries to make a complementary and overall well-rounded track. I’m really impressed with what I heard from both parties, and as FlyBoi Rell continues to make a name with singles like this (16K plays on spotify), I expect his already solid stream numbers to keep rising.

Checkout “Luck” on Spotify below!