LTWYLM-[Abi Ocia]

It’s always special when I get to write about an artist for the very first time and today, I get to do just that. If you’ve followed my writing for long enough; then you would know that your boy is a hopeless romantic who gets teary eyed whenever anything remotely close to love pops up on my radar. If you’re in the mood to cry and if you’re in the mood to connect with your emotional side, then I’ve got the perfect piece for you to indulge in.

Our latest newcomer hitting the pages is a London based artist named Abi Ocia and she’s making her LL debut for her song, “LTWYLM”. I’ve known about this songstress for some time now, but she is finally reemerging after a brief release hiatus. I’ve gotten the chance to listen to a lot of artists, but Abi Ocia has to be one of the most stunning and graceful acts that I’ve witnessed in some time. There is a certain elegance and poise that encapsulates her aura and that’s before even talking about her voice. As you will witness in this song, Abi’s vocal talents leave no room for anyone to question her star power; The captivation is out of this world, which will make you keep returning to this offering.

This woman is a storyteller as well, as she uses her lyrics to invite her fans in to the emotion filled and intentional world that she lives in. A tale that details the realities of love from both the good and bad, “LTWYLM” is the song you need to listen to ASAP. I’ve attached the Spotify link down below as well as the video, so give them your time and let us know what you think!