Love Me Low – [Ai Bendr]

Few people can make me physically feel emotions just by the tone of their voice, and although Ai Bendr has only one song currently out, she took me on a wild ride of emotions without even listening to her lyrics during the first run through. Prior to hearing this song, I was unaware of this young talent, but now I can’t imagine a world without knowing about her because she has a power and a passion behind her voice that elevates her already incredible vocals even more. What’s additionally insane is the fact that she’s only 17 years old, so having such an unbelievably pure, amazing voice at such a young age leaves me a bit speechless, to be honest.

The lone single that she has released is called “Love Me Low”, and it’s the only thing you need to hear from her in order to understand why I became such a big fan right off the bat. The beat begins with a filtered, somewhat drowned out sample or humming of some sort along with very soft piano keys that add a melody in the distance before subdued, minimalistic drums and percussion enter the picture and add a bit more structure to the track. Although the beat is extremely simplistic, it is very touching and meaningful, and it is the perfect foundation for Ai to boast the eye-opening range of vocals that she can reach in what seems to be an effortless fashion.

She begins to sing in a soft-spoken manner, and her voice is just so clean and crisp, sounding slightly like ASMR in your ears which makes the song even more pleasing. Sure, she is talking about a significant other that she wants to be with, so the subject matter is emotional, but at the end of the day, the passion and emotions within every note she sings truly transcend any lyrical messages and touch listeners on a deeper, more meditative level. As the drums and percussion do come into the beat, later on, Ai uses this time to show off her higher notes with ad-libs sung in the distance as she keeps her main vocals as composed as she can, although you can still feel how important this person is to her. A bit later on, a few guitar strings are added into the instrumental which end up complimenting Ai’s voice in the perfect way to lead us off into the distance and leave us wanting so much more from the young talent.

Clearly, Ai Bendr is setting herself up for the perfect trajectory to become a star right off the bat with her first single. I’m not exactly sure how that’s possible considering other artists spend years and years perfecting their craft and still don’t sound nearly as good as her, but I’m not going to ask too many questions and I’m just going to let her music do the talking for her. I’m also a bit ashamed that I’m late to the party with this track because it’s already been out for a few weeks and it’s hard to believe that I was sleeping for so long, but at least I now know what I was missing out on and can return to this track often moving forward. Beyond this, I’m very intrigued and excited to see what else Ai has up her sleeve in the future because at this point, she can go in any direction she pleases as long as she makes the right moves, so I wish her nothing but the best and I’m looking forward to seeing the next step she’s going to take in her blossoming career. Ai Bendr might be just starting out in the music industry, but “Love Me Low” would suggest otherwise if you were unaware of this fact, so be sure to tune in as soon as you possibly can and don’t sleep on her any longer.