Love – [AJ Reynolds]

Los Angeles-based artist AJ Reynolds has released his new song and video entitled “Love.” The song is an upbeat, fun track with hard-hitting 808s. The music video is set in the snow and wilderness, and features Reynolds wearing bright and vibrant clothes to match the mood of the song. In the music video, Reynolds can be seen dancing and singing in the snow, surrounded by beautiful scenery. The video is a visual feast, and perfectly captures the energy and positivity of the song. If AJ Reynolds looks too familiar to some listeners that’s because he was on season 2 of “The Four” where Diddy predicted that his single “Cheeks” would be a hit. Music in this soundscape isn’t my normal cup of tea but I believe in sharing music with other people as well if I believe it has a space it can thrive in.

Watch the music video for AJ Reynold’s record “Love” directed by Connor Hayes and produced by Red Luke below.