Love Again- [JuJu] x [Supa Bwe]

In honor of his birthday, JuJu, has decided to bless the people with a brand new Jay-R Beats produced single featuring his very own cousin, Supa Bwe, titled “Love Again”. Jay-R has produced for the duo previously on the hit song “Wok Wok” off of Finally Dead and he delivers once again with his first drop of 2018, creating the perfect soundscape for Supa to let out reflective cries on betrayal from a past lover. JuJu also spazzes, keeping with the heartfelt emotions present in the song- making this a perfect time to drop considering Valentines Day is right around the corner. Listen to “Love Again” here first by pressing play below and be sure to keep your ears open for more work from JuJu and Jay-R Beats in 2018, their names are set to be popping up on our pages as frequently as Supa’s without a doubt.

Favorite line: “Aloneee, aloneee, aloneee/ till I left you/ Had to focus on myself and you did too/ Even if you come back again/ I can’t be your boy/ Even if you rip the fabric of time/ it won’t make it right”

Artwork: SadKidAngel