Love Again – [BK Rockstar]

It seems like the further the scene gets into the constantly evolving internet age of music, the younger artists who are blowing up seem to get. While many teenage artists of 10 years ago seemed to not have the right team around them to continue their successes and rather turned out to be one-hit wonders, so many of these young talents are being guided in the right direction by some smart industry individuals who are setting them up for success for the long haul, not just for 15 minutes of fame.

For New York native BK Rockstar, he’s only 17 years old and although he might’ve only first started making music back in January of 2020, he caught the eyes and ears of some very pivotal people in music very early on. While BK has been constantly racking up numbers and garnering a constantly growing and loyal fanbase, he has luckily learned that as an artist, you have to keep the fans happy when they ask for something.

That’s why, when he teased his song “Love Again” and fans wouldn’t stop bombarding his comment section with pleads, he had to drop it. Produced by hitmaker Darkboy and Internet Money’s very own Paryo, we’re introduced to a very bouncy, journey-like melody that is accentuated with some lighthearted bells of some sort before crisp hats and claps and succinct, thunderous 808s take over and give BK an amazing foundation. As he comes in, he boasts a sort of half-singing, half-rapping delivery that just bounces all over the place in such an organized yet versatile manner.

As he continues on, a couple of higher-pitched background vocals complements the main vocal layer nicely, almost sounding like an echo that just works so well with the sort of off-kilter rhythm that’s brought to life in the instrumental. While I think his rotation of flows is very captivating, I think what captures my attention more than anything is the fact that his voice is tuneful with a gritty, imperfectly perfect quality that not only helps him stand out from a crowd of clones that seems to constantly grow on a daily basis, but it also seems to mesh with the more ruthless, stark elements of the beat in an indescribably incredible fashion.

While I’m still getting acquainted personally with BK Rockstar, it seems like he’s getting better and better with every new release he puts out. Considering this drop was off the cuff in order to appease fans, I can’t imagine what a planned-out record is going to sound like moving forward, so for that, I’m beyond excited. Word on the street is, he’s getting ready to drop a project with Darkboy and Stoop within the next few months, but only time will tell, so make sure you pay attention. At the end of the day, there’s a reason why BK Rockstar was just co-signed by Nick Mira and Paryo, and “Love Again” is just another hit in his arsenal, so make sure you check it out as soon as you get the chance.