Louie V – [Eem Triplin]

Every day, I come across new artists that might be pretty intriguing, but it usually takes a few songs for me to realize someone’s full potential in this industry. I mean, someone can make one great song that I basically become addicted to, but then they have no plans or skills to continue to build on. Even certain records that might not be amazing can often have potential, and if an artist works hard enough, they’ll nail down their skills and make the moves that they have been working their whole lives for.

Well, I preface all of this because I don’t always take it easy on artists, but recently, when I first heard Eem Triplin’s song “Awkward”, I was instantaneously enamored. It was so extremely individualistic even with a recognizable Tyler, the Creator sample, and it was that moment that I knew he wasn’t the typical up-and-comer.

Basically, I was a fan from the jump and it didn’t take a few tracks or any time at all to build on his craft, because although he is clearly getting better with every release, there is just this unexplainable it factor that I think is going to continuously grow regularly for as long as he keeps making music.

That’s been clear early on, and it’s clearer than ever on his self-produced song “Louie V”, with some assistance on the instrumental from Charlie Myles as well. This song has been out for a couple of months now, but it received a visual treatment courtesy of Metro Blu that breathed new life into the infectious record.

With the lyrics at the bottom of the frame, it feels like you’re about to do karaoke along with the young star, but instead of a black screen behind these words, Eem rotates through a variety of different scenes including a hotel room with two faceless ladies, in an alley after dark, and what appears to be the mall, but the shots are pretty quick so it can be hard to tell at times.

While the setting rotates quickly through, there are plenty of simplistic effects and filters used to provide a lo-fi, homemade aesthetic to switch up from some of his higher quality, more cinematic videos that he has dropped in the past, but it’s a change of pace that I very much appreciate. I seriously think that Eem is already a star, and even if others haven’t witnessed his potential quite yet, it won’t be long before we’re seeing his name everywhere, and that’s a moment that I am so thrilled to witness after all the hard work this special talent puts in!