Lotto – [TiaCorine] ft. [DaBaby]

The female wave of hip-hop and rap music has been upon us for quite some time now, and I couldn’t be more appreciative. Just thinking about all of the amazingly talented women in this industry is enough to make me smile and be thankful for the incredible music they’re making, and it seems like every day, I find out about someone new. Most recently, I haven’t gone a day without hearing about TiaCorine, and while I don’t know much about her or her music, at this point, when I saw she teamed up with DaBaby and Overcast to create a music video for their song “Lotto”, I couldn’t have been more ready to write about it.

Things open up in a casino as DaBaby and Tia sit around a pink-colored table full of feathers and frills, making it a table you most likely wouldn’t see on the Las Vegas strip. While DaBaby raps his verse, shots from the security cameras zoom in on him, allowing him to show off his various diamond-studded jewelry pieces as he recites his lyrics. From here, Tia raps the hook as she kicks back with her feet on the table in an all-pink outfit, shooting a pink money gun as her disposition simply says she own every single building she walks into.

Eventually, the pink theme continues as we’re taken to her home as she lays on her pink bed prior to heading to the bathtub where she’s covered by bubbles in some shots and hundred-dollar bills in others. Eventually, we head back to the casino where someone gets some food delivered on a silver platter, but after uncovering the food, a miniature version of Tia is there to remind her that whoever took her money needs to pay. Worked up and on a mission, Tia heads over to the girl who took her cash, pushing DaBaby out of the way before proceeding to beat the girl up on a pool table to round out the video.

While this might be my introduction to Tia, I am thoroughly impressed on all fronts. Not only does she look like an absolute star, but she also has this laid-back, carefree persona that works unbelievably well on a soothing instrumental like the one used in this track. Beyond this, Overcast did another impeccable job of creating a miniature movie that truly allows Tia to shine even next to a massive name like DaBaby, and that’s very telling of who she is as an artist and an upcoming superstar. I’m beyond excited to see what else TiaCorine has up her sleeve as we move forward, but I’m just going to continue running back “Lotto” for the foreseeable future, so I highly suggest you check it out as soon as you get the chance.