Lost Innocence – [Meech] feat. [Luke Bar$]

Those unfamiliar with the Brockton-bred Van Buren Record’s members will surely be nothing if not completely enamored by their exciting approach and candor attitude. The label’s latest release comes in the form of a visual for “Lost Innocence,” a cut from member Meech’s recently released I’ll Be Back Soon, I Promise EP featuring Luke Bar$. Together the two Van Buren record’s rappers put on a charismatic show that follows the pair and company through a monochromatic look at a day in the life of the team. With an in-your-face attitude, Meech and Luke Bar$ rap directly to the camera emphasizing their need to direct the audience’s attention to the lyrics and person rapping. This is messaging is further solidified through the video’s split-screen style that has both rappers weaving in-and-out of each other’s point of view as they occupy the same space. Despite the song and video’s brief stay, Meech and Luke deliver a memorable performance that will have you running the video back several times while also piquing your curiosity into the stacked roster assembled by Van Buren Records. 

Watch the new video for “Lost Innocence” by Meech featuring Luke Bar$ below.