Lost City – [John Dek0]

UK-based singer-songwriter John Dek0 is artistically moved by reaching for the unique. This allows his creative output to range from personal melancholy and the more fever-dream style he presents on his latest single, “Lost City.” The music of the single is littered with funky basslines, loops that mimic the feeling of a late-night out when you’re caught between crippling sleepiness and spaced-out intoxication. Dek0’s vocal approach mirrors this whirlwind by keeping pace with the driving instrumentation while adding his mixture of raspy calm as he weaves a sway-full story of two lovers taking on a city, wielding their conquering love as their weapon of choice. With his artistry in a consistent state of flux, John Dek0 makes a really compelling case for an artist to revisit again and again.

Listen to “Lost City” by John Dek0 below.