Lost and Found – [MBNel]

MBNel has rapidly become one of my favorite artists to cover on Lyrical Lemonade, and after you listen to just a few of his songs, it should be pretty obvious as to why. I mention his up brining a lot in my articles, but once you understand that he had all the odds stacked against him growing up in Stockton, California but he persevered through the struggles and got to the place he is now, I find it hard to not mention his captivating story.

One thing that I love even more than anything is the fact that even if those days are in the past thanks to his hard work and dedication to his craft, he never forgets about them, constantly bringing up some tough moments in his life in order to never take his foot off the gas and continue to work hard to not only make his own life better, but to make a better life for his loved ones who struggled with him, and that speaks volumes of the person he is, even outside of his music.

While I feel like he has been locked in and not releasing as much music, I’m sure he has some big plans for the future, so when I found out he released a song entitled “Lost and Found” not too long ago, I had to tap in. Produced by Berki, this instrumental features heartfelt strings, pungent percussion, and a captivating melody that shows Nel at his very best. Instead of resorting back to some of his more ruthless memories, he decides to open up and show off a new side of himself, talking about his girl and how much she means to him because she’s there throughout some of the hardships he faces, and she helps him get through these struggles while not leaving him out to dry.

His flows and style in this track are truly amazing, but I think the story he shares tells it all, and that’s something that I think can get lost in the current day and age of music. “Lost and Found” is yet another remarkable hit from MBNel, and it comes complete with a Mike Wild$-directed music video that you don’t want to miss out on for even another second.