Losing My Grip – [Benson Price Jones]

Benson Prices Jones is an artist who you may not have heard of before, but you definitely need to know about. The North Carolina native is from a rural town, however the streets of Los Angeles are beginning to spread the word about the music that he’s been creating as of late. Taking inspiration from the likes of Kanye West, Kings of Leon, Jim Croce, and Frank Ocean, Benson blends experimental production styles with a more hip-hop and alternative pop leaning vocal delivery and flow. Released April 28th, a few weeks ago Benson Price Jones made his triumphant return to the release circle and left us all in awe. Entitled, “Losing My Grip”, the song is an emotion-filled tune that feels like it could’ve been a ballad that got built out into a beautifully orchestrated anthem. A record that reflects Benson’s broken heart following a break-up that he can’t seem to get over, his struggle within the song gets worse as he reveals that the break-up doesn’t seem to be impacting his former partner in the way that it’s impacting him. Produced by Prices Jones himself, the tasteful instrumentation and build throughout “Losing My Grip” is a big reason why listeners will get attached to it in the way that I have. Incorporating heavy synth usage, electric guitar, and war drums during the hook, this one is sure to get the water works going, so I’m giving you fair warning that “Losing My Grip” is a tearjerker – be prepared! 

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