Loser – [Adot] x [Family Reunion]

After teasing a track on Tuesday, two of Chicago’s most promising young artists have dropped an unexpected new collaboration. Family Reunion (who dropped her debut EP last week) and Lyrical Lemonade regular Adot link up on “Loser.”

Over a lo-fi beat produced by 5HERIFF, these two artists unite their broken hearts as they offer up an unguarded depiction of the end of a relationship. Jackie’s graceful harmonies add a layer of fragility behind her angst-infused lyrics. “You lied to me just so that you could keep me, did you know that it would backfire on you?”, she sings. While she’s not afraid to take shots at the one who took advantage of her trust, she also expresses the feelings of loneliness she is forced to face. When it comes time for Adot’s verse, he lets his walls down, transforming his raw emotions into vulnerable bars. Rapping, “I could hold my own, but every king needs a queen to sit on the throne,” condensing feelings of incompleteness into bitter rhymes. Although it may seem like an unlikely pairing on paper, “Loser” showcases both Adot’s and Family Reunion’s individual strengths, proving their versatility and leaving us wanting more.