Loser 2 – [Angst]

Vancouver’s Angst first caught fire with his 2018 album Loser that perfectly channels the war going on between his ears on a daily basis. This album was a brutally honest telling of the darkest feelings Angst has experienced, being so open about these themes made him an artist to connect with many on the internet who identified with his lyrics. Angst has long been teasing the sequel to his impressive debut, the time has come for the continuation of the saga unfolding from Angst’s bedroom on Loser 2.

The project begins with an anti-love anthem “Hate U”, a complicated breakup song that is everything we expect from Angst. Brutally honest with the troubling thoughts that exist in his head. There’s often a common thread connecting Angst’s music, real self-reflection that lays his insecurities and doubts out on the table for all to see. This is very apparent on songs like “FML”, “Number 1”, and the triumphant outro track “I’ll be fine”.

In Angst’s own words, he said this project has been his sole purpose over the past 2 years and acts as a window into his own life or a mirror into your own. As somebody who struggles with various mental health issues, Angst doesn’t make music as a cry for help as much as he tries deeply to connect with his listeners who may be in a dark place in their life.

Angst has always an impeccable ear for talent to collaborate with. From the production to the featured artists, you can tell Angst has been putting in a lot of work crafting the sonics on this project. While Angst mainly made this project in his bedroom, he enlisted some massively talented producers to expand the Loser universe. Production on this album comes from Shinjin, Vinso, Ginseng, Marcelo, Neckklace, Elsewhere, redpriest, and Angst himself.

What makes this sequel feel special is the fact that so many of the artists that were on the first have moments to shine on Loser 2. Angst and Yurms had an insanely powerful hit with “You Are Not Alone” in 2018 and follow it up strongly with “Goodbye”. We also get another amazing track from Anklegod and Angst with “Finders & Keepers”, produced by Ginseng this is one of the more energetic and extravagant tracks on the project.

We also get an amazing song with 916frosty on this, who is quite possibly the best artist to work with Angst as their vocals play off each other incredibly well. Swerzie’s verse adds an amazing layer to the chorus “Forever means forever” which is easily one of the biggest standouts. Angst also enlists Dion on “Presidents”, rounding out the incredible feature list.

Overall, Angst is an artist that puts his all into his music as a way of coping with the harsh reality he faces. With genres like hyperpop and digicore blowing up in a real way this past year, Angst has always been an artist to use the elements into his music before there was ever a proper label for the sound. Angst will always remain true to himself and Loser 2 is one of his most honest expressions of his complicated feelings to date. Make sure to listen to 2018’s Loser if you have not to familiarize yourself with the mind of Angst. Hopefully, this is a sign that there will be more additions to the series in the future.

Listen to Loser 2 on all platforms here!