Lose myself – [Cece Maravilla] x [Heartgaze]

This is the beginning of building my own world. The journey feels isolated because the further you go into it the more isolated you feel from the people that used to understand you/understand you from what’s outside of your art. “I think about music as it’s my only option because it’s the only place I’ve ever been allowed to be myself. I say shit in my songs that I don’t even like to admit to myself out of it” – Cece Maravilla

Madison, Wisconsin native and Chicago based artist Cece Maravilla returns to Lyrical Lemonade with a introspective single titled “Lose myself.” Featuring frequent collaborator Heartgaze, his rap verse provides a refreshing twist for a unique record that’s essentially genre-less. Despite being just nineteen years of age, Maravilla’s sound and words are naturally mature. Sonically the record contains a silky-smooth instrumental melody, which Cece calmly floats over before passing the musical baton to Heartgaze. Given that the track was co-produced by the talented pair, it’s no surprise that Maravilla and Heartgaze’s chemistry shines brightly. Moreover, with their friendship bond holding even more weight, subtle yet underrated aspects such as flawless transitions and mutual understanding of style(s) comes naturally to them. Conceptually the content is serious, but the song flows so seamlessly that it ironically provides a blissful experience for the listener. Overall, “Lose myself” is a fantastic offering, and I can confirm that Cece Maravilla has plenty more in her bag to share. Have a listen below!