Looking – [Hovis]

Being from North Carolina I feel as if I have to be a great brand ambassador and curator for the Carolinas as a whole with my platform. Of course, I’m only going to try to highlight the music and artist worth peeping. Today I’m going to introduce you to Hovis the 18-year-old artist out of Wilson, North Carolina, and the smooth and quirky track “Looking.” I really wish I could use another word to describe it as quirky but I can’t really describe it and I don’t want to butcher the description. Lately in the underground pop and hyperpop scene. There’s a sub-genre that’s adding a lot of traditional pop elements along with digicore and hyper pop elements. I know that sounds like a lot of different sounds fused into one but trust me there are a lot of artists that are going to break this year and next overall sound. Some of Hovis’ influences include Dolly, Kurtains, and Veezuh in the digicore scene. However, he also stated that he finds inspiration in artists such as Brakence, underscores, Quannnic, and more. This s another young artist that didn’t start making music until recently as he started making music in mid-late 2019 and claims that he didn’t even really find his sound until the end of 2020. Currently, Hovis plans to release at least one project before the year is done, but plans to continue releasing singles throughout the year while continuing to polish his sound.

Check out Hovis’ vibrant record “Looking” and form your own opinion after the break.