looking for you – [suisside]

I’ve mentioned it before, but one of my favorite parts of music is the fact that there are literally endless boundaries that artists have, and this leads to some incredible new sounds that are unlike anything you’ve ever heard before. In hip-hop, one of my all-time favorite subgenres is definitely the punk, emo, alternative influenced style of music where the hip-hop and rap elements are clear yet minimal, and they combine with these other styles as well.

Just the other day, the homie put me onto suisside, an artist who is still extremely early on in their career but has such a unique and powerful sound that he’s bound to blow up. Considering he’s still a newcomer, there isn’t a ton of information to be found but after doing some digging, it appears as if he hails from Orlando and is extremely influenced by artists like Lil Peep, arguably one of the most influential talents within the last decade or so. I get this because it even says RIP PEEP in his Instagram bio, but after one listen to any of his songs, this influence is beyond clear.

On his most recent release “looking for you” which is my introduction to the blossoming act, he recruits x10derrick to bring an instrumental to life that will fit with his unique style perfectly. In the beat, you can hear some loud, powerful, electronic-sounding synths, chattering percussion, and some thumping 808s that provide a much less gothic-inspired sound than I was expecting, but this element is brought to the forefront as suisside begins to sing. When he does, his vocals seem to possess a plethora of layers that give his words this epic, big room sound that I haven’t heard done so well since back when Peep was here. From here, he has this emotion behind his words that are complemented with a careless, almost dejected delivery that works unbelievably well with the instrumental, and it actually makes me really excited to see how other music listeners perceive this promising newcomer’s sound.

While suisside does sound extremely similar to the dearly departed icon Lil Peep, I wouldn’t say that he bit his style considering suisside just sounds similar to Peep, but there are some abundantly obvious differential qualities that help him stand out in a lane all on his own. Considering I’ve literally only listened to this one song, I’m not sure what else to expect from the Floridian, but if he can prove himself to be dexterous and show off a few different skills beyond this one style that he seems to have mastered, I definitely have no doubt in my mind that he’ll go far within his career in music. Whether you’ve been supporting suisside and his career from the very beginning or this is your introduction to him, you’re going to understand why I say it’s mandatory to listen up after checking out his latest track “looking for you”, so make sure to stop whatever you’re doing and tune in immediately.