Look Up 2 Love – [Diamond Cafe]

In the current age of music, everyone focuses on what’s next. Whether that be the most absurd thing to hit social media and go viral or simply the newest mutation of a current sound, the push always seems to look toward the collective perception of where the future of music will head, often without considering some of the magic that has already happened. Diamond Cafe has paved a strong lane in the latter, bringing forth a style that sounds like it’s both 30 years old and 5 years ahead. Today, the rising star is here to showcase such with a brand new single, “Look Up 2 Love.”

Channeling a supply of heart-warming synths born out of 80s pop influence, “Look Up 2 Love” finds the sweet spot in Cafe’s intersection of new and old. Sonically, it plays on past sounds, but there’s something profoundly refreshing about revitalizing such an iconic era of music. Cafe creates a sense of disconnected nostalgia toward a time that a lot of current listeners weren’t even alive, and as a result, the singer is able to infuse a sense of “newness” into the undying glory of the old.

That’s not to dismiss “Look Up 2 Love” as a simple rework of 80s pop, though. In regards to songwriting, the sheer sincerity of Cafe’s lyrics communicates something much further below the surface, and furthermore, the range of the vocals showcase a clear appreciation for one of the best voices out right now. Reflecting such, Diamond Cafe’s latest is one-of-a-kind in every sense of the word, taking the road less traveled while the masses of artists chase what’s hot.

Don’t just take my word for it, though. Show some love to Diamond Cafe and stream the unbelievable new song at the link below!

Written and Produced by Tristan Thompson
Art by Steven Duke
Photo by Sierra Ritch