Long Live The Woo – [Jay Gwuapo]

The tragic news of up and coming New York star “Pop Smoke” took the hip-hop community by startling surprise, especially to those who knew and acquainted with the young artist. Jay Gwuapo, an accompanying NY rapper, expresses his grievances and pain in his latest track, “Long Live The Woo.”

“They know that Pop was like my heart, and for that boy I would go. My heart been broken I ain’t ever lose somebody so close.”

You can feel the distress in Gwuapo’s voice and the impact that Pop Smoke must have had on him not only as an artist, but as a person. This dedicatory song reflects on times before hip-hop, and memories shared that made Pop and Gwuapo’s relationship so special.

As many mourn the loss of another star, Gwuapo’s latest track allows listeners to hear recollections and insights of an individual who was much closer to Pop Smoke, and reflect on a life that was much more than just music.

Stream “Jay Gwuapo – Long Live The Woo” below!