Long Live Dolph – [Gucci Mane]

Young Dolph was an absolute icon and trendsetter in the music industry, and whether you were a fan of his old hits or his newer releases, there’s one thing in common, and that is the fact that you were probably a fan of him regardless. He left such an unignorable legacy behind when he was tragically taken from the Earth way too soon, but the impact that he left on this planet is something that most young artists thrive to achieve by the time their career is all said and done.

Despite being from Memphis through and through, Dolph inspired fans, artists, and music listeners all over the world, and this is more than clear for Atlanta’s very own legend Gucci Mane who included an ode to the late emcee on the last track of his compilation Christmas mixtape So Icy Christmas which delivered 17 new songs that spanned just over 45 minutes long. I know this is obviously a Christmas-inspired tape, but this song paying homage to Dolph is the one stand-out record that evades this theme, and I think it was definitely for the best.

In the music video, which was directed by Omar the Director, Gucci shows off his wealth while wearing an all-black Gucci suit, clearly showing himself mourning the loss that shook the world just a month or two ago. Despite Gucci’s natural knack for flexing his riches through designer clothes, unbelievably expensive cars, and diamond-studded jewelry, there isn’t a single moment throughout this visual that forgets the purpose of this song, and I think this is because there are copious amounts of previous clips taken of Gucci and Dolph hanging out together, showing that their friendship was real and always fruitful.

After listening to this track, it’s obvious that both artists made a lasting impact on one another, and while the music world is still coping with the devastating loss we endured not too long ago, songs like “Long Live Dolph” will always be welcomed if they’re delivered as eloquently and heartfelt as this cut from Gucci was.