New York-based JUSTEND going viral with “JAG TALK.”

Man, social media is great. Especially for folks like me trying to find some new jams. I was laying down in bed the other night aimlessly scrolling, and as my eyes continued to melt onto my phone screen, my pointless scrolling finally stopped when I came across this vibrant, creative sound accompanied by a grainy, high-energy video of jump cuts. That TikTok had me hooked, and after searching through the comments, I found this track was named “JAG TALK” by N.Y. artist and NYU student, JUSTEND.

The track is perfect for modern-day hip-hop listeners, just one-minute-34-seconds long and packed with brilliant one-liners and metaphors. A rock-infused instrumental paired with JUSTEND’s vocals — that only listening to him can describe — make a fiery song that understandably is doing numbers across socials.

“Okay JUSTEND f*** it, i’m not good at basketball but I’m a walking bucket.”

It’s exciting to see what viral media can do for an artist, and I hope JUSTEND can ride this wave into further stardom, it sure seems like he’s on his way. His latest project poison spacegirl! has done well, and I only project his following and streams to hit a meteoric rise.

Check out JAG TALK on YouTube below!