LONELY STAR – [Memoria XI] ft. [Landon Cube]

Memoria XI might still be a relatively new name in the music world, but he is consistently making a point as to why he’s someone that you need to pay more respect to, and I definitely think he’s going to do some even bigger things in his career as he continues to showcase his skills in every song he puts out.

He just has such a smooth, pure voice that he incorporates so much emotion into, and even though the topics he discusses in his music might blatantly say what he’s going through, it’s this passion in his delivery that truly drives the point home, and that’s not an easy thing to incorporate if it’s not honest and true like it is for him. At the same time, he’s just 19 years old, so he has plenty of time to grow, mature, and hone in on his many talents in order to reveal the best version of himself, and when that happens, he’s going to be a very fun artist to listen to even more than he already is currently.

Big moves are nothing new to Memoria, but one of his biggest yet was recruiting Landon Cube for his brand-new record entitled “LONELY STAR”, and this is a duo that definitely works unbelievably well together. Produced by Alan Rodrigo and Aidan Han, heartfelt strings are joined by punchy drums and crisp hats and claps that combine a few different genres together seamlessly, giving these two the perfect base to build off of. When Memoria comes in, his vocals are once again full of enthusiasm, emotion, and sentiment, but the way he is able to deliver his message in such an emotive way is never something that can be overlooked.

Landon’s sound is definitely similar when we get to the second verse, but he provides even more energy into his lyrics, providing some nice vocal twinges and a plethora of flows that make it a verse you’ll never forget, despite the fact that it’s a pretty short portion of the track. Memoria XI is a star in my eyes, and it’s only a matter of time before others realize this as well, and “LONELY STAR” featuring Landon Cube is just another reason why I can say this statement confidently, so make sure you tune in below as soon as you can.