LONDON – [BIA] ft. [J. Cole]

I know this is such a controversial opinion considering I’m a hip-hop writer and fanatic, but J. Cole has never really been for me, and I know that’s going to stir up some hate online without a doubt. I think he is massively talented and he’s clearly one of the best emcees of our generation, but his music just never really appealed to my personal preferences, so I just don’t listen that much. I don’t hate on him, and I would never disrespect him, I just go about my business as most people would.

BIA, on the other hand, is someone who I am not overly familiar with, but I know she is making major waves in the industry right now, and considering she has a spot high up on this year’s upcoming Summer Smash lineup, she’s someone that I know I need to familiarize myself with much more than I already am. So, her latest song featuring J. Cole entitled “LONDON” is a perfect moment to acquaint myself with the rising star, and after seeing the Daps-directed music video, I was definitely blown away. Aside from Cole seeming to give his best English accent at times throughout this song, the visual takes the duo to the world-renowned city to go on various escapades that the everyday person could only dream of.

Everything from shopping sprees to boat rides to clubs to rooftops and so much more in between really makes this video come together wonderfully, and Daps did an impeccable job of keeping these scenes clean and fluent, ensuring that even with so much going on, it had a great flow to it. I am beyond excited to see BIA perform at the Summer Smash in just a couple of months, and considering I’m sure you probably are too, make sure you check this single out and get your tickets here!