LOCK IT UP – [Whethan] ft. [midwxst] [Yeat] & [Matt Ox]

I am always so proud of hometown artists who make a name for themselves doing something that no one else has done, and if there is one example of this from a Chicago musician, it’s Whethan. He began making music back in high school that no one has ever even dreamed of making before, and after seeing insane success very early on, it’s crazy to imagine where he is going to be in even just a few years.

At only 22 years old, the world is his oyster, and I think that he more than anyone knows how to step up to the plate, which is more obvious than ever on his latest album MIDNIGHT. This album might be quick, but it is unbelievably enthralling, opening with the song “LOCK IT UP” featuring midwxst, Yeat, and Matt Ox in order to kick things off insanely well. So, you already know when I saw that animator Kyle Parnell and director Mooch, got together to bring this song to life as a cartoon, I was all in.

Opening in a sort of Toy Story-inspired world, midwxst jumps and flips his way throughout a room, eventually getting scooped up by Yeat and Matt to hit the club. Instead of partying, though, they meet up with Whethan who is the mastermind behind a tricky money heist, but after giving them the plan, they head out on their mission.

Literally plowing through the opposition, taking them all out before securing this golden loot for themselves, ending things by delivering their Tonka truckload of gold to their vault. I love this album and can’t stop listening, and these music videos that have come with it have made it even better by far, so you don’t want to miss out on the latest visual for “LOCK IT UP”!