Local Trap Star – [BEAR1BOSS]

As the years have gone on, it seems like the new generation of hitmakers in the music industry have become younger and younger. At first, I admittedly felt a little odd going to listen to a 14 or 15 year old’s music for whatever unexplainable reason, but after I came across certain talents who were making some of the most interesting songs in the world, I knew this was something that I had to get over immediately if I didn’t want to isolate myself from some incredible music.

So, when I say the age of 23, some people might think that’s old at this point, but when it comes to Atlanta’s very own BEAR1BOSS, it’s clear that he is still in his prime, and he’s someone you simply can’t miss out on for any longer. Considering he has been a tastemaker in the music scene for quite some time, he has been able to take all of the experiences and experimental sounds that he has tried out over the years and blend them together in order to create an indescribable style that mixes things like pop, rap, electronic, and more, using these things to his advantage in order to show off his always bubbly and vivacious personality that I simply can’t get enough of.

This is more than obvious on his B-Rackz-produced song “Local Trap Star”, and even though it dropped a number of years ago in 2018, this timeline just proves that he was not only ahead of his time, but he created a sound that holds up now better than ever. I bring this song up because just a few days ago, I saw that he dropped a music video directed by LSD Films, and this just rejuvenates the classic hit as it breathes new air into such a fantastic song.

Much like a lot of his other miniature movies, BEAR just does his thing in a sort of run and gun style of visual, showing off his dance moves and personality while utilizing some colorful garments and backdrops to make this one stand out more than so many of his counterparts in the same industry. BEAR1BOSS was a natural-born entertainer and has obviously been a trendsetter for years and years at this point, making the music video for his classic hit “Local Trap Star” an essential watch if you call yourself a fan of Atlanta hip-hop.