Local Joker – [Maxo Kream]

Houston is a music city that has slowly but surely been gaining more and more recognition over the past couple of years, and I’m excited about that more than I can explain. It seems like there aren’t as many underground acts that are receiving as much shine, but the artists that are making waves are all out superstars. Whether we’re talking about Travis Scott or Meg thee Stallion, the scene goes much further, leading us right to one of my personal favorite artists Maxo Kream. He’s just so smooth and quick-witted with his words, making him an artist that I feel needs much more recognition than he gets, and even after a bit of a hiatus, he’s still as silver-tongued as ever.

The break was necessary, though, considering he recently lost his brother, so even though I don’t believe there is a time frame to come back from such a massive loss like that, he decided to get back in the swing of things with the release of his latest song “Local Joker” and a NotAChance-directed music video. With an instrumental created by Kal Banx and Mario Luciano, a very vibey, smooth synth takes the bulk of the melody as some filtered, minimalistic yet suave drums and percussion come into the picture for a great foundation for Maxo to get some things off of his chest and tell a very intricate, compelling story.

When he does come in, he does so confidently, showcasing his always confident and natural delivery that comes through with a bit of rasp, letting you know that no matter where he might be at this point of his life, he’ll always remember his time in the streets. While he effortlessly makes his way from the hook to his verses and back again, he takes this moment to share a story of his upbringing, the struggles he has had to endure to get to where he is now, and other narratives that can give any listener, whether you’ve been in similar situations or not, some perspective on life itself.

Of all his recollections, though, I truly enjoyed the story he told in the first verse where he mentions getting pulled over by the cops who intricately question him even though it was just supposed to be a routine traffic stop. While he was let go with just a warning, it wasn’t an easy interrogation, and the way he talks about this encounter had me fully captivated from start to finish.

In the press release that accompanied this song, Maxo reps his hometown of Houston once again while talking about what this song means to him:

“Local Joker explains where I’m at in my life right now. I love Houston, I’m from Houston. My merch is Houston-focused. My music has a strong Houston influence-everything is Houston, it’s local. You can catch me in any part of Houston with the local jokers – but at the same time, I’m not a local joker because I’ve grown and expanded the territory that I touch. But home will always be home- and that’s Houston, Alief fasho”

Although I have absolutely no clue what this release means for a possible project in the future, I can only sit back and keep my fingers crossed that Maxo is going to deliver something more cohesive in the coming months. What I’ve come to find out about his albums is the fact that no matter where I am in life, there is always at least a few songs (usually more) on each project that resonates with me, making any of his albums or mixtapes essential listens in my eyes, so I have my fingers crossed that we’ll have something in our hands as soon as possible. With that being said, make sure you tune into Maxo Kream’s latest, hiatus-ending single entitled “Local Joker” and the music video that accompanies it, you certainly won’t regret it.