lmk – [Diamond Cafe]

Diamond Cafe is a gem. Exploring an 80s-inspired world of hypnotic pop and decadent instrumentation, the budding talent has carved out a lane all by itself, seemingly untouched in its characteristic authenticity. Pivoting within this intriguing world of sound, each new release builds on the feeling of the last, with a new single entitled “lmk” acting as the latest link. As a plus, music aside, there’s also a venerable cause behind this one. Released in partnership with Stratford Ct., “lmk” is the opening single off a forthcoming compilation album, with proceeds donated to the¬†Rural Fire Service (NSW) and WIRES Wildlife Rescue in light of Australia’s recent environmental tragedies. So yes, with great music and the right cause at hand, “lmk” is a must-listen for several reasons — but let me elaborate.

Exploring the prospect of love lost, or at least love in question, “lmk” structures its heart-tugging lyricism around a bed of smooth production. From the synth runs, which burst up with color, to the groove of the bassline, each element adds to the sincerity in Cafe’s storytelling, guided by the lyrics themselves. Simultaneously, Cafe’s cadences balance a gentle tone with clear emotional investment, and the result of this concoction is a silky, easily-compelling release.

With “lmk” to attest, Diamond Cafe is building a world of sound that will surely gain momentum with time. Keep an eye out for more as 2020 progresses, and in the meantime, support the cause and check out “lmk” below!