LL Presents: The Yung Beef Q&A

Currently living in Madrid Spain, Yung Beef is without a doubt one of the hottest artists coming up from overseas right now. The young Spanish rapper has been creating a buzz in Spain for a while, and is now starting to catch looks over here in America. We recently premiered one of Beef’s hit singles, “CBR,” as he teamed up with powerhouse producer DP Beats. We we’re lucky enough to talk to the rising Spanish star and ask him a few question, see what he had to say below!

JM: Before diving into question tell our readers who you are?

YB: Ima boy from the southside of Spain tryna get some €€€€.

JM: What was your childhood like in Spain?

YB: Trappin bro. I moved to London and París when I was a teen to make some cheese, cuz in ma city (Granada) I had nothing to do.

JM: What’s the rap scene like in Spain?

YB: The scene in Spain has been poppin for 3 years. It use to be so lame and boring, but now it’s getting more interesting and more real.

JM: What Spanish rappers do you look up to?

YB: I really fuck with all of the La Vendicion artists, cuz that’s our label and it’s all certified. But if you want some names you gotta bump Kaydy Cain, MC Buseta, Flynt Hussle, Ms Nina,  Soto Asa, Damed Squad.

JM: What inspired you to start making music?

YB: Streets Papi. We from the hood, so you gotta do some shit to take out all this hate.

JM: Do you plan on staying in Spain your whole career?

YB: No bro, I don’t give a fuck about Spain. All my life I’ve tried to go to the USA. Last year I was supposed to be performing at SXSW and LA, but they didn’t let me get in the USA. They denied my visa, but I’m tryna fix that shit. Hopefully I can be there soon.

JM: What American artists would you like to work with?

YB: I’ve worked with a lot of producers from America like Metro Boomin, Southside, Lex Lugger, Tarentino, dpbeats… and with some artists like Fly Migo, Bankroll, and Tekashi 69. But i really fuck with a lot of People in the USA. I really wanna work with Famous Dex, Yung Bans, Lil Wop, Kodie Shane, I don’t know there are a lot i fuck with.

JM: What’re you currently working on?

YB: I’m finishing my album called, “Adromicfms4.” It’s my most important work and gonna be full of crazy beats; 808 Mafia, DP Beats, and Steve Lean. Brazyyyy.

JM: Any final words of wisdom for our readers?

YB: Yeee I wanna say thanks to Almighty Red and Lil Jake for fucking with our wave, cuz not everybody wants to open the mind and listen to other people who aren’t mainstream and shit.