LL Presents: The Tyler Grosso Q&A

Timmy: We were lucky enough to a huge inspiration of mine, Tyler Grosso, on Lyrical Lemonade for a Q&A. Tyler, introduce yourself.

Tyler: Hi my name is Tyler Grosso. I make clothes. I also DJ sometimes and work on creative shit with people in the music industry.

Timmy: Tell us a little bit about your clothing brand.

Tyler: I’ve been working under the Superrradical name since May of 2013. It started out as something not too serious, something I really used to slack on but now I’m on point and it has my 100% attention and focus, as it should have been.

Timmy: That’s great that you’ve reached that point. What is the concept behind Superrradical?

Tyler: Superrradical’s image is I guess sort of “ghetto, depressing, edgy, etc”. It’s full of attitude and a mirror image of who I am as a person.

Timmy: That’s super creative, something some brands are scared to do. So tell us about how you joined ASAP.

Tyler: I was brought into ASAP in July 2013 to be A$AP Yams’ assistant. I moved from North Carolina to NYC right away after going back and forth through facebook for a week.

Timmy: Yams plays a huge part in so many success stories, it’s cool to hear about him seeing potential in people before they had a following. Tell us about the effect Yams had on ASAP as a whole, as well as the effect on you as an individual.

Tyler: Yams was a genius, and an influencer. He had more of effect on the whole rap industry and scene and “culture”, it expands way more than just the Mob. All these rappers learned or jacked everything from Yams whether they realize it or not.

Timmy: That’s so true. Who are some of your favorite names in fashion and music?

Tyler: Good question, for fashion my favorite brands right now are Stray Rats, FTP, Felt, and Gucci. Gucci really stepped it up in 2016 and is putting every other designer brand to shame right now. For music, I’m in more of my rock phase right now so im listening to bands like Chevelle, The Doors, Mizery and a few others.

Timmy: What’s your take on “streetwear” fashion and the direction it has been heading?

Tyler: I hate the streetwear scene right now, everything is getting oversaturated and every person with a Twitter has a clothing brand now. Also, every music artist is dropping new “merch” every week. There’s just too much stuff at once. And I’m pissed because everyone is charging waaaay too much for their terrible clothes, putting out awful quality cotton and prints.

Timmy: People are forgetting the important parts of the business. Final question, what are the best pieces of advice you’ve been given over the course of your career?

Tyler: I can’t pull out anything specific per say, but the last thing Yams said to me when he got out of my car for the last time was “Keep up the good work and don’t stop doing what you love to do and everything’s gonna work out.” And he was right. Also, Zac from FTP has given me more advice than I know what to do with. I owe him a whole lot for the recent success of my brand.

Timmy: That’s amazing. Be sure to be on the lookout for Tyler Grosso and Superrradical in the future. Check out the Superrradical website here.