LL Presents: The Trapo Q&A

One of my favorite projects to drop in 2018 was Madison, Wisconsin native Trapo’s sensational tape titled “Oil Change“, so when he was in Chicago cooking up some new music recently I thought why not have him by the office for a conversation about everything he has been up to. I have been following Trapo’s music career for a few years now and it has truly been exhilarating as a fan to watch him grow as an artist, and if you go back to his older tapes all the way up to his latest release, you will see the evident growth that I am speaking on. I see Trapo becoming one of the best rappers in the country in just a few years, I know that’s a bold prediction but I believe in his music a tremendous amount and it won’t take more than one listen through Oil Change for you to think the same thing. Learn a thing or two about the rising star below and if you like the new project be sure to keep up with him by giving him a follow on Twitter here!

2018 proved to be a huge year for you with the release of Oil Change, what was your favorite moment or memory from this year?

Trapo: Moments when I was thinking of certain songs, to me personally this was the first time that I decided to make the type of music that I liked, I wasn’t trying to please anyone. My happiest moments are when I thought of the ideas that stuck like “Drunk Punch”, I fuck with that song on some personal shit. 

How would you compared this new project to Shade Trees? How have you grown as an artist since that time?

Trapo: I feel like this time around it’s just like I am more conscious of my decisions and what I say in the music, I can be more honest and control it a little bit. How have I grown? I just make some better decisions, I take stuff more serious this time around. On shades trees I just was just recording and making music on some being cool in high school shit.

On one of the opening tracks “Coming Down”, you said a line about the weight of the world being on your shoulders, is that how you still feel at this moment?

Trapo: I feel like that I have mostly as a whole, I wasn’t just talking about music, but it’s definitely part of it. That’s mostly because of myself, I have high standards for myself so I expect the best. 

There are many themes of depression, death and even insanity on Oil Change (and you did a great job of putting it in a sonically pleasing way), are these things that you purposely try to talk about or is it just natural thoughts you think in the moment while you’re writing?

Trapo: I feel you, like it comes naturally, I don’t plan on speaking on these topics is just kind of happens sometimes.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

Trapo: I get mostly inspired by life in general, not just my life, but hearing stories about other people sometimes inspire me. Or you get can personal but sometimes it’s not worth it to me, unless you want to put it together in an artistic way that’s cold. 

You are from Madison, Wisconsin but you record a majority of your music in Chicago. what do you like about Chicago?

Trapo: I like Chicago, with me trying to do music it just makes sense to do it here. There’s a ton of people doing music here and they have the resources to do it here, in Madison you can do that but it’s different. 

What is the Madison music community like?

Trapo: My hometown definitely fucks with me, every time I do a show in Madison they come out and support. As far as the scene, I wouldn’t compare it to no other city or scene

What is your personal favorite track off of Oil Change?

Trapo: Probably Drunk Punch because of the style of the song, I’m glad I did it type shit I don’t regret that at all.

I noticed on Oil Change there are themes of depression, death and even insanity. It can get pretty deep considering your only 20 years old, does that come naturally or do you plan this?

Trapo: It comes naturally, I don’t try to make certain songs on purpose. I want to make the music still sound good although I speak on certain subjects

Who are some rappers that inspired you?

Trapo: Kid Cudi and all of TDE

What was the first album you ever bought?

Trapo: One time I found this fugees record with the black cover, there was always some good music around the crib. I used to download a lot of the music off of Limewire at a certain point, so I didn’t buy many of them.

How would you describe your music to someone who has never listened before?

Trapo: It’s original, it’s my standard of whats cold to me.

What was your favorite live performance to date?

Trapo: I remember some crowds that were raw as hell but I was probably nervous before the shows so I don’t really remember. One time in New York was super cold, but my favorite was probably my hometown show on my Shade Trees tour, it was sold out I’ll never forget that.

What’s your least favorite thing about music?

Trapo: The expectation’s for your shit to sound like the current sound, I don’t like that. 

What’s your dream tour?

Trapo: probably Erykah Badu, Kendrick Lamar and myself

Who are some artist that you want to collab with in the future?

Trapo: Erykah Badu

What’s your favorite music video?

Trapo: haha probably a Lil B video from when I was younger

Producers you want to work with in the future?

Trapo: I want to work with Thundercat he’s cold as fuck, and 9thwonder! I want to work with producers that can bring their own stuff to the table and have minds that are innovative 

What can our readers expect from you in 2019? Next year I am going to be dropping a new project at some point,

Trapo: Next year I am going to be dropping a new project at some point so be ready for that

Last question, where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Trapo: My personal goal is to get my music to the best is can be, and I can see my stuff in a few years be much better than it is now, I see myself very stable off of music.