LL Presents: The MilanMakesBeats Q&A

MilanMakesBeats is a powerhouse producer that has been proving to be one of the best in the game for a couple years now. With production credits from Lil Yachty, Playboi Carti, Thouxanbanfauni, idontknowjeffery, UnoTheActivist, and many more it’s clear Milan has made his mark. Learn more about Milan and his production below!


JM: Before diving into question, tell our readers who you are.

M: I’m Milan, I’m 21, I make beats for all your favorite rappers, I’m from South Carolina, and I’m trying to put on for my state.

JM: When did you first start making beats?

M: I started making beats late to be honest. I started my sophomore year in college around late 2013, early 2014.

JM: What do you go to school for and why did you decide to get into music?

M: I’m a graphic design major with a minor in art history. I’m a senior now and I always was into underground music since Wiz was underground my 7th grade year. Music has always been a passion. You can’t ever catch me without earbuds in. Ever.

JM: What inspired you to get into producing vs becoming a rapper?

M: I wanted to be a producers because I knew niggas that rapped and was familiar with production and I saw the work ethic and dedication it took to make a beat. That was more impressive to me. I always liked songs more because of the beats, the beat creates the whole song not the lyrics alone.

JM: When did you realize you can really produce and start taking it more seriously?

M: I realized I was a pretty good producer when my nigga Akwa would freestyle on my first few beats at my bro Nick’s crib and everyone fucked with the beat and his freestyle. S/o Akwa for pushing me to do it. I honestly just recently started taking it seriously. I’ve only been doing it for two years.

JM: What is Capsule Corp?

M: As of now, Cap$ule is just a production duo of myself and my nigga Chinatownbeats. We literally sat down and talked about the sound we wanted to develop and we call it Cap$ule. We plan to add artists, but are on the fence about adding producers. I’m not sure if we will.

JM: Are you apart of any other collectives?

M: Yeah, CoinMasters, created by SegaTheProducer. Also, Glone. Glone isn’t exactly a collective, just a group of next up niggas in the underground, we’re all just friends.

JM: Who was the first big rapper to get on a Milan beat and how did that happen?

M: To be honest the first one I considered big was IDKJeffery. I was sampling at the time and I fuck with his music. He hit me up for beats and paid. This was when my leases were only $25.

JM: How did your Playboi Carti placement come about?

M: I don’t want to elaborate to much on that, but I never sent Carti the “Vlone Thug” beat and the song was actually created from a relooped snippet. So I’m going to leave readers to interpret that whatever way they want.

JM: Do you feel producers aren’t given the respect they deserve?

M: Bro, hell no. Niggas legitimately think they are you a favor by rapping on your beats. A beat gives the song the vibe. Niggas can’t rap the way rap on my beats acapella. Imagine hearing “Vlone Thug” with no beat.

JM: Who do you want to work with the most this year?

M: I want to work with anyone willig to work and do it the right way honestly. You never know who’s going to make the next big hit, but I’d like to work with my Cap$ule artists. We are looking at a few, but a lot with Yung Bans thats my bro he’s solid. Ron$oCold, Warhol.SS, BrentRambo, NolanBeRollin, and I$aiah just to name a few.

JM: Any last words of wisdom for our readers?

M: If you are a producer know your worth and don’t let niggas finesse you, and if you rap respect your producers. We all got the same goal, just taking different roads to get there. We need each other equally.

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