LL Presents: The Jose Santos Q&A

I first met Jose at our second Lyrical Lemonade Cypher, and since then I’ve been following & supporting his music career. He is easily one of the most unique artists I know, for some reason, his music reminds me of fellow Chicago native Towkio. Take a few minutes below to learn a thing or two about him, then be sure to check out his great music catalog here!



EM: First things first, give our readers that may not be familiar with you a brief introduction of yourself

JS: Cool, so I go by the name Jo$e Santos (a.k.a. Lil Chair a.k.a. Lil Don Francisco) & Im a 20 year old rapper/artist/part-time fuck boi. Im originally from the city of Chicago but I move around a pretty decent amount though. As of right now I stay out in the burbs.

EM: When did you start creating music?

JS: I started creating music last year, 2015. Besides the fact that I loved HipHop/Rap music and just music in general actually, I was hearing peoples tracks on sound cloud and shit and I would see how much love they were getting for making trash ass music and so basically I was like “Damn yo. It cant be that hard to make a decent sounding song compared to these whack ass mfs.” and so I wrote a song and recorded it dead ass like the next day. I didn’t really like it at first but the few people who I trusted on their musical opinion that i shared it with said it was defenitley better than most the trash they were seeing get love. Long story short though, I decided to put it out haha. But me being me, when I do something I’m either going all out or not doing it at all. So to begin I had that mf premiered with this blog called The Daily Dose, and then I got it placed on a few other blogs as well. But yea, basically after that I decided I loved making music and was definitely going to continue to make something of it. Its my way of getting my voice heard and I got a lot of shit to say lol.

EM: Who are your top five biggest influences musically?

JS: OOOOOHHH SHIT LOL THATS CRAZY YO. I was dead ass just talking about this with my homie last night haha. Thats hard af bruh. I have so many. But shit, I guess if I had too i would def say Lil B, Kid Cudi, Kanye, Chance, Kendrick, Cole, and Bodega Bamz. Oh and Gucci Mane too. Fuck lol I’m way over, I know, but those are some of my biggest influences music wise and movement wise. I just felt i had to mention them all lmao too hard to only list 5 you feel me? haha

EM: I feel you haha. What are your top five favorites albums of all time?

JS: uhhh in no order, Definitely College Drop out, Cilvia Demo even though it was technically an ep but whatever, also Habits & Contradictions, Man on the moon 1&2, I’ll count those as 1 lol. and section.80 would have  to be in that list as well. I have way more I want to say but yea lol.

EM: Top 5 favorite mixtapes?

JS: God this is hard to choose lmao but once again in no order; Blue Flame, Innanetape, 10 Day, Cieto, & Days Before Rodeo.

EM: What’s the first piece of music you ever purchased?

JS: The Man on the moon album by Kid Cudi.

EM: How much has Chicago influenced you & your music?

JS: A LOT. Chicago as a whole inspires me more than anything probably. Sound wise? Everyone in the Chicago land area don’t sound the same, but that’s the inspirational part about it. The music you hear from the area is just so diverse bro and I think that’s what drives people to be better than the next. Myself included.

EM: Who are some of the smaller Chicago artists you’ve been rocking with?

JS: I definitely been fuckin with Supa Bwe’s music for a while now, Calez as well. I’ve just been waiting for them to finally take off. On the drill side 360 Pooh and Reckless Cartel are going nuts. Definitely more artists that I like music wise but those are just the off the top ones I can think of lol.

EM: Who are some Chicago rappers you want to work with in the future?

JS: Shit, I’ll work with everybody and anybody that loves making music. I would love to get a chance to work with the bigger artists though like Chance, Ye, Gherbo, Bibby, Vic, Sosa etc.

EM: What’s your favorite music video of all time?

JS: Kid Cudi’s Pursuit of happiness video goes fuckin crazy man. The MegaForce version. Theres 2 different videos to the track but thats the one I’m talking about. Shits trippy asl boi. lol

EM: What is your favorite song you have created so far?

JS: Hahaha its not one that I’ve put out yet, but it will be eventually.

EM: What are your thoughts on Donald Trump?

JS: I have nightly dreams of me beating the living shit out of him.

EM: The National Anthem or The International Players Anthem?

JS: International players anthem all the way lol

EM: What can our readers expect from Jose Santos for the rest of 2016?

JS: Definitely got a couple more tracks I want to put out before the year is over.

EM: Last question, where do you see yourself in 5 years?

JS: I see myself getting money man, one way or another imma always be grindin.