LL Presents: The Craw The Sage Q&A

Another week, another new Q&A with an upcoming emcee. This time around, I chopped it up with Craw The Sage. I first met Craw through our mutual homie, Rhino, and I have been rocking with his music ever since. Peep the music video below, read the Q&A under that, and after you learn a little something about him be sure to give him a follow here!



EM: Before we get started, give our readers that may not be familiar with you a brief introduction of yourself

CS: My real name is Eric Boyd Crawford, I go by the alias Craw the Sage. Craw is simply half of my last name and a sage (n.) as defined by google is a profoundly wise man, especially one who features in ancient history or legend. I started rapping about five years ago when I was a freshman in college. I started taking rap seriously around the end of my sophomore year and my style began developing from there. 

EM: Who are your top five influences musically?

CS: My top 5 influences would have to be: 2 Pac for being a revolutionary and embodying that warrior spirit, Mos Def for his lyricism, Lupe for his ability to create in depth conceptual songs/stories, J Cole, and Kendrick Lamar because of his lyricism and drive.

EM: What are you’re top five favorite albums of all time?

CS: Food & Liquor II by Lupe, Black on Both Sides by Mos Def, Section 80 by Kendrick Lamar, Carter III by Lil Wayne, Ready To Die by Biggie I would say these are my top five albums of all time.

EM: Top five mixtapes of all time?

CS: Taylor Allderdice, No Ceilings, Overly Dedicated, 1999, Ivy League: Kick Back. I that order. I still bump Taylor Allderdice to this day.

EM: Hahaha me too, that song ‘Mia Wallace’ forever a classic. What was the first piece of music you purchased?

CS: Mia Wallace is definitely my favorite track off that tape. I kinda wish Wiz would  give us something like that again. I believe the first piece of music I actually bought with my own money was G.O.O.D. Music’s Cruel Summer album. I don’t know why. That’s just was the first one.

EM: What is your favorite music video of all time?

CS: Kendrick Lamar’s poetic justice was probably my favorite one. It was between that and the Thriller video.

EM: If you could collab with one person dead or alive who would it be?

CS: If I could collab with anyone from a musical stand point it would have to be J. Cole. He would most likely make the beat and give me some tips on how to produce. I feel like I could learn a ton about music, but also life from him. Artistically I’d collab with Basquiat it would be a mystical profound experience.

EM: If you could sign to any label, which would you pick?

CS: I don’t think I would sign to a label. I’d rather create a large enough circle around me so I’d wouldn’t necessarily need a label. I fill like I can use all the other things that I do outside of rap to fuel the music. So I’d go the route of running my own thing. But we’ll see where the journey leads

EM: What are your thoughts on Donald Trump?

CS: Donald Trump is supposed to be president; I really wasn’t surprised when he got elected. Unknowingly, most people were actually advertising for Trumps campaign. Everytime somebody posted a status saying Fuck Trump they were actually playing directly into his marketing strategy, I’m guilty of it too. He played the villian role and it worked. What I do like about the idea of Trump, not Trump himself is that he says exactly how he feels. It’s good because I’d rather have someone tell me exactly how they feel about me rather than be covert about it and try to sabotage me behind my back. Trump brings out the worst in a certain group of people and my people need to see this with all three eyes. We finally get to see America for what is. America still has a race problem and a sexism problem; It’s kinda sad because it’s almost 2017 and we got almost infinite knowledge at our finger tips. But I do wish people on social media stop blaming eachother for voting a certain way because it’s no one persons’ fault. We just have to respect each other as humans first.

EM: How much has Chicago influenced you & your music?

CS: The city has a profound influence over the music. Coming from Chicago shapes everything from the sound of the beats to the images that I create with my word choice. I feel like the sites and sounds in the city as well as the struggles that we find ourselves and friends in birth the art that I make. Also Chicago keeps you on your P & Q’s. With the mass amount of really dope artists out here you have to bring your A game. It teaches you to be tough and not quit if things don’t go your way.

EM: Who are some of the smaller Chicago rappers you want to work with?

CS: I’d like to work with Isaiah G, Chris Alonzo, Noelz Vedere, and MFn Melo. I think it’d be cool to get in the stu with a couple of these guys. The level of creativity would be at a maximum high.

EM: Who are some of the bigger artists you wish to work with in the future?

CS: Let’s see…I wanna say Big Krit, Pharell, Wiz Khalifa, Kendrick, Joey Bada$$, Lacrae, Lauryn Hill, Lil Uzi, and Lupe Fiasco. I feel like those would make for some interesting collabs.

EM: What can our readers expect from Craw The Sage for the rest of 2016?

CS: Far as I’m concerned 2016 already over. I know there’s a whole month left but my mind is already in 2017. I’m always producing content though so I encourage readers who want to check out some of the content I produce to follow my film channel Aquinas Visions on YouTube and on Facebook; I’m always posting interesting episodes on there. Also they can check out my visual artwork too by visiting my Tumblr and/or following @CrawTheSageArt on IG. The artwork is mainly Afro-futurist/Afro-Punk in nature it shows a whole other side of me that people have yet to fully see. I’ll probably be featured on a track with Rhino and tracks with few other artists. Other than that I’ll be working on releasing my next album #Elixir, which is nearly finished. I’ll be posting about it most likely by the end of December. The readers will definitely be hearing from me again soon. I’m here to make an impression in the world not get complacent or sit and spectate.

EM: Last question, where do you see yourself in five years?

CS: In five years I’ll be about 28 and it’ll be year 2021 and by that time, if Trump hasn’t ruined us all, I see myself working with some of the best musicians and producers in music, owning several businesses, traveled around the globe, and have had my own show at MoMa. But most of all I want to uplift as many people as possible along the way. Yeah, that’s the vision.