LL Presents: The 458Keez Q&A

458 Keez was recently put on my radar after being put on his Ronny J-produced hitter Batmobile featuring the likes of Ski Mask The Slump God & Wifisfuneral. Having only a few releases on his SoundCloud, I wanted to get to know more about 458 and the come-up alongside some of Florida’s biggest names in music right now and also, let it be known that he’s the next to pop out of the Sunshine State. Be sure to check out his Q&A with LL below and let us know which artist you want in a featured discussion next!


J: First, let our audience know who 458 is and what’s been going on in your life lately.

K: My name is 458Keez, I’m from Orlando, FL. Let’s just say Keez stands for the old lifestyle that I used to live. 458 stands for moving at a faster pace. My dream car is a Rari so when I came home from prison I put 458 in front of my name. I just moved out to LA from Florida after my tour with Wifisfuneral. Outside of that, there’s been a lot of movement. I’ve been working with Hayden Tree, Dj Flippp, Morgoth Beats and some other known producers to get ready for this next big step. I’m also scheduled to be at this year’s Rolling Loud alongside Wifisfuneral and Danny Towers. 


J: What made you decide you wanted to be an artist and who, if anyone, inspired you to do so?

K: Being in jail when I was 15, I was made fun of because I used to dance in my cell and all the other kids used to always rap. Listening to my dawgs beating on those blue boxes, and making rhymes started to grow on me. Shortly after, I was sitting on house arrest and started studying my favorite artists, which at the time were Tyler the Creator and Wiz Khalifa. 


J: Can you remember the first hip-hop record you ever heard?

K: Yes, it was Tupac for sure – “I Get Around.” 


J: Talk a little bit about growing up in Orlando and what artists you were put on at an early age.

K: Growing up in Orlando was easy but I chose to make it hard for myself. I was never the type to listen to what anyone said and the advice they gave me. I liked to find out things on my own. Regardless of how stubborn I was, my mom was always there by my side. Her and my uncle used to listen to Tupac, Biggie, Dmx, Nas and Snoop around me. They were the shit when I was young and they’re still the shit now.


J: Who were some of the first rappers you worked with out of Florida?

K: I’ve rocked out with Danny Towers and Rackz God, apart of Rich Life Records and Dirty Face Smook, with Very Rare since the beginning. Those are my brothers for life! Tankhead666 is the official demon of Broward, that’s where I get my energy from. Kid Trunks has always shown love so I have nothing but love for my fucking brother. 


J: If you had to explain your music to someone, how would you describe it?

K: In a few words, Gothic Emo Rap. Pain and suffering. 


J: Your hit song Gothstar with Yaygo & Munk ran up some serious numbers on SoundCloud, would you say that’s a personal favorite of yours so far?

K: Gothstar is my personal favorite because of the fact that I’m coming into the game with a new wave. Emo Punk. I got a lot of style from Lil Peep with this wave but I’ve switched it up with the Atlanta trap sound and made it my own. RIP Lil Peep. Now the EDM DJs fuck with it so I’m going to see how far it can go and trust me it’s gonna go pretty far. As far as niggas biting my style, we ain’t going to talk about that, but I’m the real rock star and no one can stop me. 


J: It seems like the Florida rap-scene is damn near an entire family, can you speak on your relationships with other emerging Florida artists like Wifi or Ski Mask?

K: I met Wifi in Orlando in 2013 after he moved from Palm Beach and we made the song “Surrrf” together, along with Max P and SKYXXX back in the day, and we’ve been cool ever since. I met Ski in the beginning of 2014 in Miami, FL along with Xxxtentacion. They were the only two I felt can keep up with my energy on stage, so we clicked immediately.


J: You’re also managed by Alfredo Mancuso of No Jumper, how did that connection happen?

K: Through my boy Hayden Tree (Munk) which I met on tour. He found me and we connected instantly. He’s very good friends with Alfredo who wanted to start managing artist so Hayden suggested that Alfredo check me out. After review, he said he was down and that I was dope. We had our first meeting and it lead to Alfredo, being my manager, who is partnered up with Adam22, to own No Jumper.


J: What can we expect from 458Keez for the rest of 2018 & beyond?

K: MORE MONEY. More tours. Back from Hell dropping this summer and a lot of unreasonable bullshit! I’m a little weird so don’t judge me


J: Lastly, is there anyone you want to shout out and let us know who we should be listening to right now.

K: Shout out Danny towers, Tankhead666, Ski Mask the Slump God, Kid Trunks, Wifisfuneral, Dirty Face Smook, Yung Bans, Grown Boi Trap, Tyla Yaweh, 458Grimm, and Ye. Cris Dinero and Studdaa. Lil Raven and Lil Tracy, GOTH BOY CLIQUE. Last but not least Ratxhet and the rest of RICH LIFE and VERY RARE. GANG.



Thanks for checking out the Q&A with 458 Keez! Let us know what you thought about it in the comments and be sure to check out Keez on all social media platforms below:

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