LL Presents: The 12AM Q&A

12AM (AKA Matthew Dubois) is a promising Canadian artist on the rise and after recently being put on some of his latest work, it was crucial to get him for a featured Q&A on the website. Based out of Toronto, the 23-year-old has an impressive music catalog dating back to 2016 with his breakout record Couple Pills featuring fellow Funeral Crew affiliate Jez Dior. You’ll be hearing both of those names pop-up a ton throughout this year, but for now, get familiar with 12AM in our latest interview below and check out his Elijah Woods-produced track The Woods now on all streaming services here.


J: First of all, let our readers know who you are.

12AM: An r&b singer from toronto….. surprising right?! I go by 12AM. 


J: Can you briefly explain the origins of your name ’12AM’?

12AM: 2 reasons honestly 

1 it’s the type of music you listen after midnight. So if you’re partying getting fucked up or u with a girl just trying to set the mood.

I mix all my music and when I was first starting out I used this reverb on logic called the midnight plate made me sound fire so I’m like shit 12am it is.


J: When did you start out making music and who (if anyone) inspired you to do so?

12AM: I’ve been making music for my entire life basically always been into hip-hop. I grew up on Eminem 50 Cent G-Unit Lil Wayne that entire movement was huge. My mom was also into Motown so I grew up on The Jackson 5, Stevie Wonder Marvin Gaye. People influencing me now tho are honestly coming from Toronto, it’s a wave out here. You got the top guys like Drake Weeknd & Tory but it goes so deep. Tory, 88glam, Roy Woods, Jazz Cartier Toronto got something special going on.


J: What are some of your earliest memories of music growing up?

12AM: I remember getting The Marshal Mathers LP as my first ever CD and my parents found it and told me if they ever caught me swearing they’d snap it in half…… lasted about a week and they really meant it lol. I still have the cd tho snapped in half hahaha



J: If you had to, how would you describe your music to someone?

12AM: Honestly its really just midnight music. After 12AM is when the city lights up. The truth comes out. So I just wanna capture that feeling. Whether you’re having the time of your life or alone in your feelings I want every side to show in my music.


J: Your AFTERPARTY album from March was packed with a number of standout tracks, do you happen to have any personal favorites on that project?

12AM: I think other than Couple Pills because that was the first time me and Jez met and made that record would be No Good 4 U. Probably the realest record I’ve ever written. 


J: Funeral Crew Jez Dior member also features on that project, how did you guys first connect and can we expect more collabs in the future?

12AM: I met Wes Period who was producing for Jez at the time through the internet and we started working. We made a song and he goes yo you gotta get out here man we gotta get this shit popping. So I flew out we all met made a bunch of records then he’s like yo let’s start this thing from the jump. 100% me and Jez gonna drop an EP later this year.


J: Who is the Funeral Crew?

12AM: Funeral Crew Jez started and as of now, it’s just me and him. It has a bunch of different meanings… me and him have gone through similar pasts of losing a lot of close people and that type of pain you can hear in our records……. but it also means we just body songs so it’s a bit of both emotions haha


J: Where would you like to see yourself 10 years from now?

12AM: Honestly I’m just praying I’ll be alive haha. I’ve learned to not look so far ahead in life and just appreciate the now. However, my main goal in life is to have a number 1 record but I’m thinking that’s gonna happen in the next couple years.


J: Lastly, what can we expect from 12AM in 2018?

Music every month….. 2018 is gonna be a huge year. Also probably a tour at the end of the month. 2018 gonna be nice.


Thanks for reading our Q&A with 12AM! Be sure to leave us your thoughts below and don’t forget to check out 12AM on all social media platforms:

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