LivingSucks – [Bones]

TeamSESH representative Bones has been one of the most important and influential figures in the underground for some years now. His talents never run out of style, and by staying completely true to himself and never losing sight of his emotions, Bones shows that he’s better than ever with his new album, LivingSucks. With this one, a mixture of both darker and lighter melodies clashes with the never-ending supply of hard-nosed drum patterns and bellowing vocal power, only to make for arguably the bona fide legend’s finest project to date. Bones’ artistry is increasingly refined from some of his past offerings, but what most impactfully creates the identity of LivingSucks is the off-the-wall sound that is, like always, way ahead of its time. Bones is one of those artists that truly paves his own path, so show some love and check out the new album at the link below!

Art by Morbidart
Feature from Eddy Baker
Production by ____, endangeredbody, Harvest, Grayera, D.g.k.z., Nymano, Ghost, Drew The Architect, Budd Dwyer, Swirl & Fleece