Living for Today – [AC FreeThaReal] [EasyMoney Roe] [Veeze]

It is no secret at all at this point that Detroit rappers love Nashville, and really the whole state of Tennessee in general, and this is evident through the music of the entire city’s scene as “The Tenn” has become a goldmine for midwest hustlers and has been for Nashvillians for generations. While Detroit often shouts the city out and Nashville’s rap scene is beginning to elevate itself more and more it has always surprised me that the actual music scenes themselves didn’t cross over more, but that seems to be beginning to change thanks to AC FreeThaReal and EasyMoney Roe who have been very consistent as of late, releasing numerous videos and adapting the Motor City’s sound and flows while giving it a twist with their Nashville drawl and slang. The trio boasts aspirational and motivating lyrics over a soulful but fast-paced instrumental, giving each artist a chance to slide on the beat in their unique ways. If you enjoyed this track you should check out AC and Roe’s other recent memorable collaboration “Trap or Die” or AC’s solo track “Fuck Rap” which is one of my very favorite songs to come out of Nashville in the last several months.