lived to love-[808vic]

“Made my way, saved my soul, weight is gone, lived to love another day. Made my way, saved my soul, can’t be slain, after pain I still remain. Lived to love another day” – 808vic

Thanks to SHREK KNOWS RAP, I recently discovered 808vic; an immensely talented bedroom musician based in London. 808vic’s newest song and video for “lived to love” was the first offering I heard from him, and it’s safe to say I was more than impressed. With soothing indie vibes the acoustic guitar is met with a thumping ‘heartbeat’ instrumental, as 808vic employs his uniquely monotone, yet refreshingly mellow vocals. Visually the bright colors correlate with the artist’s colorful fall sweater, and the romantic lyrics seemingly come to life as the melody grows. Around the 2:28 mark, 808vic briefly adds a bit more emotion pitch-wise, and the beat fascinatingly mirrors this subtle musical change. Moreover, the lyrics are beautifully empowering, which come directly from the heart of the artist’s affectionate experiences. Watch the Marcus Forde and Vivian Vince directed music video below!