Live From the Gutta! – [DC the Don]

Few artists out right now have a following quite as strong as DC the Don, but after you tap in with his music, it should be obvious why people flock to his releases. His sound is familiar, masterful, unique, and innovative, giving you a taste of something new without totally reinventing the wheel, and I think that that’s a huge reason as to why people get so into his music, me being one of those fans. The number of releases he drops is nothing short of a surplus, but each one seems to get even better than the last, and his singles always do a remarkable job of getting fans amped up about forthcoming projects, so when he put out a few tracks in order to hype up his album My Own Worst Enemy, I knew we were in for something truly special.

Now that the album is out for us to finally enjoy, I couldn’t be more excited, and even though I have only had a chance to skim through all of the 22 songs on the project so far, I already know that it’s going to be a staple on my playlists moving forward. So, I figured in order to do the album justice and not just breeze through it, I’ll give it a few listens to firmly grasp all of the spectacular records he created and instead write about the seveneight & 713Bran-direct music video for the project’s opening cut “Live From the Gutta!”, because his visuals never disappoint even slightly.

When it begins, it seems pretty normal as DC appears to be performing at a small venue, but things take a quick turn as an unidentified gunman kills him in front of the entire crowd. As time moves on and details come out, the murder victim turned out to be DC’s alter ego who goes by the name of Rag3 Kidd, and another alternate version of DC (who goes by the name of Donny) watches the news coverage of this killing before heading to the liquor store to pick up a bottle of Jameson. While checking out, a TV in the shop shows another news story that reveals Donny is actually the one wanted for the murder, prompting a quick escape from the store.

After evading capture, Donny heads to a field at night where he digs a hole for Rag3 Kidd’s body and buries him, hiding the evidence before getting caught in an attempt to cover up his tracks. These alter egos come into play all over DC’s brand-new album, so the continuity from the project to the video is super interesting and much appreciated. So, whether you’ve had a chance to check out My Own Worst Enemy yet or not, “Live From the Gutta!” is the perfect tone-setter for the project, and the music video makes this record even better, making it a must-watch for any and all music fans.