Live A Lil – [Good Gas] ft. [UnoTheActivist] & [FKi 1st]

Looking back at the endlessly exciting Good Gas, Vol. 2 project, one of my favorite songs remains “Live A Lil.” Sure the beat is simplistic, pairing some hard-knocking bass up with a bare supply of keys, but it’s the overarching energy of the song that simply can’t be beaten. Both Uno and FKi 1st let loose some of their most exciting verses to date on the song, and the main ingredient is a carelessly fun mentality that adds to the cleverness and excitement of each and every line. Clearly, this song allows two great artists to have some fun with it, and the result is a fantastic, mindlessly enthralling release that I still listen to on occasion. Today, the song is back on our pages to receive a well-deserved visual companion.

Just as the lyrical content of the song denotes, the Coachella-based music video for this one sums things up with scenes of women, drinking, and a whole lot of Fki and Uno having fun as they cruise around on a golf cart. The appeal of such a hard-hitting, dance-worthy song is captured in seemingly every shot, and while “Live A Lil” may not be one for the boom bap crowd, you can’t deny that it’s a hell of a good time. Be sure to keep this one on repeat all summer long.

Check out the accompanying visuals for the song below and let us know what you think in the comments!