Liu Kang – [1nonly]

Going viral isn’t a new concept, and it hasn’t been for over a decade ever since the world was overtaken by technology. Social media has helped things trend all over the world even if it‘s just a simple video or a catchy song, but that’s one of the easiest ways to expose yourself to new audiences if you’re a musician, and the younger generation of artists are definitely the people capitalizing on this more than anyone else.

Obviously, since they grew up knowing nothing about life before the technology age, it has become something that they not only embrace, but have mastered as well, and I think that this has played an insanely massive role in the immense moments that have helped further their careers. One artist who seems to go viral with every single release is Las Vegas’s very own 1nonly, a 17-year-old talent who I had first found out about thanks to some of the awesome track she has put out with Savage Ga$p, but after realizing that he had so much more to offer, he has become an underground emcee who I always tap in with whenever he drops something new.

Although it’s obvious he is going to continue to see growth within his budding career, his latest release “Liu Kang” is definitely another piece added to his arsenal that is going to help move him forward. Produced by Supreme, the beat consists of an infectious pitched-up sample that clashes with booming 808s and eventful percussion that matches the always inventive sample-forward style that 1nonly has brought to life throughout the years.

His vocals work perfectly with this sound as well, because his deep, relaxed delivery plays off of the higher notes of the sample that’s utilized, and even if he may make his flow sound effortless and easy, it’s obvious that it is anything but and his skill set is just that strong. This might be 1nonly’s latest release, but I can assure you that there is much more to come as the year moves on, so make sure you tap in with the up-and-coming superstar’s latest release “Liu Kang”.