Little Glass (Live Performance)-[Jessie DeFranco]

Jessie DeFranco is an artist who I’ve had the pleasure of watching ever since she made her debut back in 2019. “Little Glass” was the song that completely changed everything for the Chicago-based singer/songwriter as it was the perfect introduction to this well packaged gift of talent. Since releasing last year, the titular track has amassed over 350,000 streams on Spotify alone; all due to the genius songwriting, beautiful vocal tone and masterful production. “Little Glass” will continue to be a timeless track that’s played for years and years to come.

With a song this good, it’d be unwise to not celebrate it for as long as you can. This is a fact that Jessie and her team know so well, which is why today, on Jessie’s birthday, her and her team have decided to drop a live video performance of “Little Glass” that is just as stunning as the song itself. Accompanied by a mini-ensemble, Jessie sings with the same conviction and power as the original recording while being able to gently sooty us with her angelic like vocal talents.

If you’re looking for something to indulge in on this fine Sunday afternoon, make sure to take time and watch this beautiful offering by Jessie DeFranco. I’ve attached the YouTube link down below, so give yourself a couple of minutes to experience this amazing piece!