Little Glass – [Jessie DeFranco]

Authenticity is extremely rare these days so it always makes me day when I come across an artist who represents pure and genuine art. Today, my latest fresh find has all of that and more.

24 year old, Jessie DeFranco crossed my radar after I listened to her debut single entitled “Little Glass”. Whenever an artist drops their first song, it’s always a big deal. It essentially sets the tone for the future and the type of artist they want to become. In my years of listening to music, I’ve never heard such a strong showing on a first go around as Jessie’s. Her voice is simply out of this world and out of this time. There are so many adjectives and ways that I could describe her but it really wouldn’t do any justice. The song itself is truly mesmerizing. It’s a track that will truly put you at peace.

I really can’t stress how great this song is. I could go more in depth, but this is just one that you have to experience for yourself. I’ve attached the Spotify link down below for Jessie’s debut single. Enjoy!