Lipstick-[Alec Wigdahl]

Alec Wigdahl is an artist who I’ve had the pleasure of writing about on many occasions here at Lyrical Lemonade. The up and coming hitmaker popped onto my radar out of nowhere and ever since, I have been completely hooked. When talking about the next generation of musical legends, Alec’s sleek style and trademark red hair is what instantly comes to mind. There is a certain maturity and confidence that beams from Alec and it all points to the fact that he was born to not only have a career in music, but to succeed in all aspects of it.

If you’ve checked out Alec’s music, then you’d know how impressive of a song “Cologne” is. The track that dropped earlier in 2020 has already amassed 1 million streams on Spotify and it’s still climbing. In the months following its release, Alec has dropped various renditions of “Cologne” which all point back to his creativity and vision. Since then, fans of Alec Wigdahl everywhere have been itching for brand new music and today, he’s delivered an offering that falls in line with the cosmetically motivated trend that started with “Cologne”.

The new single titled, “Lipstick” might be my favorite one yet by the Minnesota native. The two minute and fifty six second piece does an amazing job of highlighting just how good Alec’s vocals truly are. His innate control and beautiful style cause him to stand out in a way that allows Alec to completely and authentically operate in a lane of his own. The best type fo artists are the perfectionists and Alec’s meticulous approach is completely present when you hear his music. Every aspect shines bright and comes together in a really cool way and its just a testament to the up and comer’s passion for music. “Lipstick” is a track that you really won’t want to turn off. The continuous bass groove with the electric guitar inclusion makes this one an undeniable hit. I can’t stop listening and I know y’all won’t be able to either.

I’ve attached Alec’s brand new track down below. Take a listen to “Lipstick” ASAP and let us know what you think! Enjoy!