Lil Mota Backs Up Words On ‘Conditioned by Society’

Rising underground MC Lil Mota has taken to social media to grow a thriving fanbase.The artist began making music in high school, deciding to devote his life to the craft. Mota made his first appearance in 2020 with the release of his debut mixtape ‘Xscape.’ The project was well received by his audience, amassing more than 100,000 streams in its first two weeks of being out. With an early buzz, Mota knew he had to pursue the opportunity to grow even bigger.

Lil Mota’s next big break would come from the release of his music video for ‘Faith.’ After utilizing his TikTok account as a creative platform for the video, the song went viral, amassing millions of views across the app. The music video itself began to pop off from the traction on TikTok and has amassed more than 500,000 views to date.

The Las Vegas-based MC first began making music in 2014, during his freshman year of high school. The craft became a form of therapy for the young rising vocalist, keeping him focused and off the streets. The most challenging part of Mota’s career thus far has been cutting off the negative energy around him. Currently independent, Mota has been operating a shop on his own. The artist’s sound has been heavily inspired by Kanye West, from the lyrics down to the production. But Mota’s main mission is to reach others through his art and let them know that they can get through their struggles and chase after their dreams just as he did.

Lil Mota has been off to a fast start in 2022, releasing two singles and a seven-track project within the first half of the year. Hungrier than ever, he just dropped his newest single ‘Conditioned by Society.’ The 2-minute long bar for bar cut allows Lil Mota to speak his mind freely. Mota lets loose a mixture of motivation and aggression, tying in multiple different cadences and rhyme schemes to get his point across. While simple, the single’s beat is balanced out by deep drum pockets and vocalized samples panning between each ear listening through headphones. What Mota seeks most on the track is clarity. Clarity from everything around him that is distracting or harmful to his mental health. The song is highlighted by a bouncy hook that glues his bars together.

You can listen to Lil Mota’s “Conditioned by Society” below.