Lil Hurricane – [Hurricane Wisdom]

Storytelling in music is crucial. Especially in rap, where regionality plays such a large role in identity, I often find myself gravitating towards artists who can communicate some sort of story through their music (lyrically or sonically), detailing life around them, what happens in their city, who they are as a person, and more. Just yesterday, I was put onto an artist who checks all of these boxes, displaying masterful storytelling and an unbendable sense of identity with “Lil Hurricane” — a mission statement kind of release from rising Havana, Florida talent Hurricane Wisdom.

Backed by a soulful, whistling instrumental, “Lil Hurricane” introduces itself as “the story ’bout Lil Hurricane, before the trips to chasing chips and all the finer things.” Accordingly, it’s a personal release, and one that leads with an outstanding, melody-tinted lyrical performance which details the life of Lil Hurricane and the values that he stands on. Approaching the song in this way, Hurricane Wisdom creates a release that perfectly introduces himself to new listeners while pulling them in for the journey, not just the moment. This is the power of such true-to-self storytelling, and it’s the difference between here-and-gone listeners and lasting fans who are invested in the artist’s growth just as much as the art itself.

By putting his chips on the table and saying this is who I am, this is what I stand for, and this is where I come from, Hurricane Wisdom immediately marks himself as an artist who’s here to stay. He’s an undeniable talent, and quite clearly, Hurricane knows the power of telling a great story.

I couldn’t be more excited for more from the rising artist, but don’t just take my word for it. Peep “Lil Hurricane” from Florida’s own below: