Lil Danze Mixtape- [Lil Danze]

“If you wanna grab my hand I’ll spread my wings then we’ll be soarin/ You know how I’m coming bitch I pull up in a foreign/ I just took your bitch, I don’t even know where we goin/ 10 pints of the act, gotta keep my lines flowin”

These are just the first few bars off of Lil Danze’s latest project and all uttered before the beat even really drops, which is the story to how Lil Danze gained a new fan and ended up on our pages here at Lyrical Lemonade. I had never heard of this artist until listening to the Lil Danze Mixtape¬†but one thing became clear off the jump-his energy is extremely tangible and his autotune warped sound is infectious. Each track is the epitome of being fucked up at the function surrounded by loud music and slurred speech. Warhol makes a memorable appearance on “Get Up”, matching Lil Danze’s energy brick for brick leading to one of the best songs on the tape. Overall, this is one of the most impressive EP’s I’ve enjoyed from an artist I didn’t already know about, which is why you should hit play on Lil Danze Mixtape below to understand what I’m ranting about, you won’t regret it!

Produced By: Jahrizma x Kuila