Lil Bean Releases “Forever Grateful”

San Francisco Rapper Lil Bean’s new album has arrived and it’s everything we expected. The 14 track project serves as a thank you to his fans with features from Mike Sherm, Larry June, Rexx Life Raj, ​​and ZayBang. Fan-favorite songs “Sold Out Dates,” “4am”, and “Billie Jean” was also a part of this project.

“Billie Jean” currently has 295k views on Youtube. It was named by Pitchfork as the “must hear rap song of the day”. His calm flow over clobbering drums, and a sped-up vocal sample was a recipe for perfection.                 

“The message I wanna give with this project is to just be grateful for yo situation, cause it’s people that’s doin’ worse than you and wish they was in yo shoes, so just be grateful for what you have and make it happen. Everybody’s road is different, just find yo lane and stick to it.”

One of my favorite tracks on “Forever Grateful” is “Sold Out Dates”. Between the visuals, the beat, and his unique voice and his fierce wordplay, Lil Bean tells a story through his music. He captures my attention without even trying to. 

“I don’t post up on the gram less I’m showing trophies. Remember I was on my ass tryna stay in motion. I know a nigga who a fiend he gon score the potion I know a nigga who a fiend tryna score opponents.”

Lil Bean shared that “Sold Out Dates” was also his favorite song. It inspired him to create this project the way it is.

The Bay Area rapper has made tremendous accomplishments in such a short amount of time. From releasing 8 projects in less than three years to collaborating with E-40, Shoreline Mafia, Sage the Gemini, and working with Grammy award-winning producer, Zaytoven on his mixtape.

If you haven’t gotten familiar with Lil Bean yet, don’t say I didn’t put you on. The momentum he has been building up thus far is starting to pay off and it’s a beautiful sight to see. I can’t wait to see the artist he becomes in the next few years. Make sure you stream “forever grateful” now available on all streaming platforms.