like I need u – [Keshi]

Keshi’s alluring stripped down version of “like I need u” will probably be one the best songs you hear this week. I don’t really want to say Keshi is flying under the radar but he kind of is, although his numbers on Youtube suggest otherwise. Creating a passionate core fanbase is key to building a solid foundation and it’s clear without much support from the industry so far Keshi’s fans are carrying the torch. “like I need u” is a switch up from his typical lo-fi sound if you’ve been following the upstart crooner. In an interview with Listen Mag, the singer/songwriter talks about switching over the direction of his sound because it wasn’t going on how he first envisioned. Keshi also emphasized the importance of him upgrading the mixing and mastering of his music to enhance the overall sound.

Watch his bare acoustic version of “like I need u” below!